The Yeniden Refah Party Was Founded Because It Was Compulsory

Fatih ERBAKAN, who participated in the clear and clear program offered by Küpra par, explained why the Refah Party was founded again.

00:23:50 | 2020-01-19

The president of the re-Welfare Party who answered the questions of Kübra PAR in a program called Open and clear on Haberturk channel. Fatih ERBAKAN made statements on various issues. Kübra par's "why was this party needed, why was it founded again Welfare Party" asked the chairman of the re-Welfare Party Dr. Fatih ERBAKAN ; "Since there is no other party to represent the national opinion mentality and the national opinion cause with its right, our Welfare Party was founded to represent the national opinion mentality and the principles of national opinion in politics with its right to move the national opinion movement to its rightful place."He said

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