Press Release From Fatih Erbakan

U.S. releases press release on Iran tensions escalating in Middle East Fatih Erbakan

21:47:33 | 2020-01-08

The main reason for the chaos in the Middle East in recent years is the step-by-step implementation of the “Greater Middle East project”, which was designed to achieve the main goals of racist imperialism, which has been on the agenda for centuries.

Iran and Turkey, the D-8 member states, are the main targets of the global powers that are dragging the Middle East into a major catastrophe in line with the BOP, which they see as the biggest obstacles to their plans.

It is easy to understand this from the developments after the September 11, 2001 attack and the steps taken by foreign powers in recent years.

Seeing itself as the gendarme of the Middle East and the countries of the region and the whole world for years with their purpose as a political and military steps against Iran, especially the US and Israeli policies recently scramble November and the assassination of Solomon between the two countries has been leading to a further escalation of tensions in the region.

Those who invaded Iraqi territory on the grounds that” we will bring democracy and human rights to Iraq " have massacred one million people in Iraq. They displaced millions of people from their homes and homes, and as if all this was not enough, they divided Iraq into three parts and made it uninhabitable. Those who came to this geography almost 10 thousand km away and carried out all this disclosure for years have assassinated the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard by saying, “What is the Iranian commander doing in Iraq?”

The main target of the forces trying to design the region in line with the racist imperialist agenda is Iran and then Turkey, as we have stated For 50 years as the National Opinion.

For this reason, despite all these unfair and unlawful steps of the US administration, it is of utmost importance not to come to the game of global powers. Because, as always, they want to fuel conflict and escalate tension.

Iran is the 51st president of the United Nations Convention against an attack by the U.S. administration on a senior Iranian official in defiance of international law. He responded by using his right to ‘self-defense’, but Iran must stop here and avoid additional steps that could increase mutual violence and conflict and benefit the plan that global powers want to carry out.

As the Yeniden Refah Party, we say that it is essential that Muslim countries, acting in the context of the “D-8 Organization”, come up with permanent solutions to their own problems without the imposing and intrusive role of any global external factor.

Today is not a day of fighting and falling apart over the points we have divided as the Islamic world, but a day of breaking down the racist imperialist games and getting rid of the domination of the invading forces in our region as a unity over our numerous common points. "it was said

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