The District Council of Gebze District Organization of the Refah party again took place in December with an intense participation.

11:47:15 | 2020-01-07

The District Council of Gebze District Organization of the Refah party again took place in December with an intense participation.

The district council was attended by provincial administrators along with Provincial President Mehmet Aras. In the Divanda, the heads of units, youth branches, women's branches and neighborhood heads presented their reports. District President Engin Kılıç, who made the opening speech on the court today, will learn from the people of the Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention. We say that the Istanbul contract will keep our family institution intact.quoth. The Provincial President Mehmet Aras, who gave a short salutation speech; the government worker,the civil servant.when he gives the pensioner a raise, he gives it with a spoon and scoops it up.quoth.

After brief speeches and reports, expert clinical psychologist Miktad Ertem spoke about the Istanbul Convention and the law No. 6284. Miktad Ertem In His Speech;

"The concept of primary prevention of violence against women and gender equality under the name of kinky gay hidden with the aim to legitimize the disintegration of the family and prepare the ground for the Istanbul Convention ,the EU is an enemy of Islam and the Zionist supporters, marginal media and civil society organisations began to be defended by the bitter way.

As reactions to the implementation of the international agreement,which Turkey had to sign under the EU alignment criteria, in Turkey under the name of the Istanbul Convention have increased, so-called NGOs, which are funded by foreign funds and serve to spread homosexual deviance in Turkey, have come to the defense of the Istanbul Convention. The Istanbul Convention, Kadem, Mor roof women's Refuge Foundation, Women's Solidarity Foundation and the Turkish women's Union all jointly held 7 meetings of the Istanbul bul convention in parliament under the leadership of AKP kayseri deputy hülya nergis atçi.


August March 14, 2012 and entered into force on August 1, 2014, the Istanbul Convention,” prevention of violence against women "with the concept of the true purpose of hiding, gender equality with the concept of the “third gender" (!) is a convention intended to legitimize and disseminate the so-called homosexual heresy.By providing freedom to LGBTI activities through the so-called EU-backed NGOs founded on the basis of the Istanbul Convention, the propaganda of gay deviance is being made.

The so-called "March of Honor" (!) although the demonstrations and actions organized by gay heretics throughout Turkey are banned by the governorates, the obligations of the Istanbul Convention are cited as the legal basis of the cheeky and shameless people. The main goal of this demand, which at first glance seems to be a natural human right, is not to advocate for equality between men and women. Nor is it to defend the rights of men or women separately. Here we talk about "gender equality without the requirement of reproduction" with a deep perception management, while stressing that lgbt groups should also have this equality. In fact, this is the real sneaky purpose of trying to hide behind the scenes.

In this respect, the issue has been discussed in the press since the very beginning, both wrong and incomplete. It is certain that this false form of discussion and discussion in the press and social media has also emerged as a Zionist method of deception and diversion. By creating confusion of concepts, the ultimate goal is skilfully hidden. This irreversible danger, which they hide in various patterns and present to society, by the ingenious deception of the lying expert Zionist gangsters, needs to be realized immediately and their precautions taken immediately.


Citing the adoption of the Istanbul Convention,the EU imposes the concept of “gender equality” as the most important criterion for NGOs in its grant support programmes to Turkey.
- To undermine the consciousness of being a family, to trivialize it, to sever family ties. Family
transform and finally break down the family.
- To degrade the individual, male or female. Undermining his confidence and respect.
Instilling value judgment ( seeding )
- To destroy the sense of belonging, to de-identity
(non-cultural diversity and wealth, single-minded, living alike, nationality nationality
sacred values that do not matter, do not feel belonging, do not carry the concepts of nation in the homeland,
a citizen of the world who does not exist, who does not defend and fight, who has no excitement and no future
grow ).
- Undermining ethical and moral values
(established society norms and rules, tradition and established beliefs are meaningless
make. To establish and establish new norms and understandings).
- Desensitizing (undermining the sensitivities of society ).
- Integrating technological transformation in the world with sociological transformation new understanding and
creating structures of life, without disguise, without belonging and with a universal identity
Creating a new world citizen form.
- To weaken society's strength against internal and external threats by disrupting the family structure. Make it easy to infiltrate, solvable.
The biggest and only threat to the great Israeli project is Turkey's military and social cohesion to break up, disrupt and render the organization dysfunctional. To make humanity vulnerable and driven. They want to make it untarnished, unworthy, belonging, unhappy and chaotic.
Why Are We against the Istanbul Convention?

First of all, we are against the name of this convention because they put the Istanbul Convention. A convention defending the legal rights of lesbians and gays cannot be named after Istanbul, which has been the capital of Islam for centuries. This is an operation carried out by the Zionists in order to obtain bilerek and Intikam, we refuse. Our citizens do not realize how grave and destructive the issue is.

1-we are against it because of our faith
(Surahs of Hud, Hijr and Ankebud )

2-we are against it for legitimising homosexuality.
3. we are openly against religion, custom, tradition, and so-called honor for waging war on Honor.
4 - we are opposed because the woman says her statement is essential and unfair. According to the law, whatever she says, my right has to accept it. The judges are being pressured through the powerful media of Zionists and through protests by feminist women's associations.The decisions are 100% in favor of women. The man is told to appeal to a Superior Court. In the meantime, however, the man stays in prison for most of the time until he clears himself. People stay inside for years.
5-we are against it because it is a sexist, fascist, feminist and racist convention.
6-we are against discrimination. The right is not sought separately for man or woman, but for Man as a partner. It's not called Women's rights. In this case, men are pushed to say men's rights. That's separating, camping. Women have no right, human rights in the form of a legal basis should be created, this discrimination should be put to an end.
7.we are against the enemy for turning men and women against each other.
8-we are against it for disbanding the family
9-we are against it because it declares women to be the superior gender. He also claims that the contract saw only the woman's psychological violence. However, both sides can live in response to psychological violence.
10-we are against it because their husbands have declared them rapists and because they have entered the family's private space and even entered the bedroom. If the husband forced his wife for sexual intercourse and the wife filed a complaint, the husband is being tried as a rapist in this case. Never in the world has a law so tragicomic and absurd been seen.
11-we are against it because it opposes the mediation establishment. It's a crime according to 6284 to run a mediation agency to make amends. In this case, the aim is not to reconcile, but to separate.
12-we are against it for turning family disputes into a public cause, and it is disrespectful to free will. Even if the woman says about her husband, I regret it, I forgive my husband,I forgive him, according to law 6284, the husband is punished and jailed because the incident is now considered a public case.
13-the declaration of the woman is essential: we are opposed because the laws allow the abuse of women with malicious intentions. Thousands of people have been jailed and victimized for slander. We are opposed to this agreement because it gives a woman the opportunity to spend years in prison, if she wishes, by accusing school principals, teachers or imams of simple slander and complaining about it, just because she doesn't like a person or because of their ideological differences. These laws are very dangerous in this way, and for the welfare of society, this convention must be terminated immediately and replaced by laws protecting both men and women.

14-6284 penalties are against this contract because it is operated with a wholesale mentality. Women are judged by the same substance, that is, the substance of violence. He's putting the rapist and the rapist on the same terms as the sexual abuse clause and trying them with the same clause. This is a practice that is both unjust and contrary to human rights. Crimes and criminals are placed on the same page.

15.we are against the honor and dignity of men because they are abused and cannot be protected.

We are against this convention because all those who marry under the age of 16 to 18 have been identified and imprisoned and have disbanded the nest of young married people. Even if they were married years before the law was passed, men under 18 are identified and jailed.

Retrospective application is being made.Anyone under 18 who has had a marriage even in the past is being arrested. Thousands of young people have been jailed for this law. The nests are scattered. Moreover, this application is only aimed at men. The law comes across as both absurd and discriminatory.
17.we are against the fact that it increases violence against women. These laws have increased violence against women tens of times, let alone reducing violence against women for a decade.
18 - indefinite alimony: if a man is married and divorced even for one day, he is forced to pay alimony for almost a lifetime in an undetermined manner. Even if she lives with someone else, she still gets alimony. A man who can't pay alimony can be jailed, impounded. Complete a pattern of destruction.
19-the custody practice turns into a complete drama. Children can be confiscated by the parties as a property when there are disagreements and this causes great drama. In addition, custody is often given to mothers, even if they have a disgraceful crime or a flaw, and competence and competence are not taken into account. However, in terms of children's developmental psychology, who should be given custody, not the right experts should decide.

20-the reports of the supervisory units of the Istanbul Convention are considered binding. This gives Western countries and Zionists the right to intervene in our country's is and foreign law under the pretext of supervising violence against women. This is a major threat to our security. That's why we're totally against this freak contract.

These so-called rights, which international Zionist disarray gangs have introduced into the world societies through powerful media and so-called intellectuals, have the aim of undermining all ethical and moral values as well as perpetuating feelings of belonging in individuals.

When the goal is achieved, a society that is corrupt and deprived of its values will no longer have to attack with a cannon and a rifle. The family, the most important structure that holds society together, is attacked. Once the family structure collapses, so will Society. Turkey must withdraw its signature to this convention immediately. It should inform all our sane social scientists and all our officials, including the community, about this secret purpose and raise awareness.

This secret Zionist destruction project must be stopped and stopped immediately. Re-welfare as the party this important issue, especially our president, including, subsequently, family, labour and Social Services Minister, the cabinet and other government officials, at the same time all the opposition parties to take action, I invite you to work together to end this demolition project. Quoth.

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