Fatih Erbakan: they are either talking about another country or making fun of the mind of the nation

Fatih Erbakan, Chairman of the Yeniden Refah Party: they are either talking about another country or making fun of the minds of the nation

19:18:44 | 2019-12-15

Fatih Erbakan, Chairman of the Yeniden refah Party, reminded the companies that announced the Concordat and criticised the government's economic policies. Erbakan,' they talk about another country, or they dream, or they make fun of the mind of the nation, ' he said.

The Chairman Of The Re-Welfare Party, Dr. Fatih Erbakan reacted to the government's statements about the economy with the words "they are either talking about another country, or they are dreaming, or they are making fun of the mind of the nation."

President Erbakan, " the government's Economic staff, as always, in recent days, 'Sir, our economy is very good, very strong, inflation is falling,the stock market is flying, employment is rising, in the field of the economy we fly, we escape like this,' they keep telling. Either they talk about another country,or they dream about it,or they make fun of the mind of this nation," he said.


One of the biggest private airlines in Turkey stopped flying, reminding Erbakan, "one of The Biggest ready-to-wear brands in Turkey employs 1,000 workers, shrinking by 20 percent. Again, a very large car tire manufacturer explains that production is decaying for 15 days. 30-40 year-old companies are announcing a concordato one by one, the market does not move leaves."the government's statements about the economy are far from the truth," he said.

Erbakan, " Bufaiz rates, these taxes, these energy prices, buying power of zero in this market, how do these companies make production, how to stay afloat. After that, we went out and looked into the eyes of the nation in the field of economy, we are flying," he said.


'Bad enough the Citizens for years we've had 3 new taxes on the backs of the tax loaded' Erbakan, who said his criticism continued: "VAT, excise duties, and OIV, garbage, taxes, not enough for environmental taxes,the car tax when buying a car it wasn't enough to take 2 times the price of the car after taking a car in 3 years with MTV than to be charged it wasn't enough for the cost of fuel on a 70% tax they put on, and is now also cherub"3 our new tax"became; digital service tax, lodging tax, housing tax valuable...
What we said soon beards over the length of 2 cm for every 1 cm for the tax will be taken up say do not be surprised.When you need money, borrow money,pay the interest on the debt with a tax-hike."


Erbakan emphasized that the economic program implemented is no different from Kemal Derviş's, Mesut Yılmaz's program and said, "the path of the liberation of this nation is not from the economy of interest-raise-tax, but from the mobilization of "production-employment-export". Here we are, coming to carry out this mobilization. We will finance this campaign with"national resource packages", not with debt,taxes,raises, selling and destroying state institutions as we are today., "he said.


Erbakan, who stated that they would establish "General Directorate of borrowing" and not"General Director of National Resource Generation" in the welfare power again, finished his remarks as follows::
"As soon as we arrive, we will establish the 'equivalent budget', we will not borrow a penny of new debt, we will generate 100 billion dollars each year.Half of it will pay our debts and half of it will serve the nation. Our annual resource packages of 100 billion dollars are ready,our immediate action plan is ready, we will come, and as in the past, we will solve these problems again."

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