Fatih Erbakan responds harshly to us and Israel; We strongly reject

The Chairman Of The Yeniden Refah Party, Dr.Fatih Erbakan reacted harshly to the so-called peace plan announced by the US and Israel

21:38:24 | 2020-01-29

Dr Fatih Erbakan said: "We strongly reject the 'solution of the century' plan to annex Kudüs, "he said.

The chairman of the Yeniden Refah Party, Dr. Fatih ERBAKAN his harsh statement also ;


Ongoing aggressive and exploitative attitude of the state of Israel Zionist attitude since the 1967 war, in line with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in remarks at the White House with U.S. President Donald Trump, 'deal of the century' in a way under the name of plan "by announcing a plan to establish a greater Israel, the instability, chaos and the escalation of violence was a serious step.

US President Trump's statement on the final status of Kudüs, which is the heart of Palestinians and all Muslims, as "Kudüs will be the capital of Israel" is the result of a Zionist plan that has been implemented step by step for thousands of years.

This last step is clearly a conscious step to achieve the goal of 'Greater Israel', the capital Jerusalem that the World Zionism has been seeking for more than 5,000 years, by completely destroying the state of Palestine and its Muslim presence there. For fifty years, the National View has been saying that Zionism is the invisible power behind the US State, and we have been doing the most important warning by explaining the goals and objectives of World Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel one by one. With this latest development, the importance of the issue and our rightness has emerged once again. Jason Greenbaltt, US President Donald Trump's mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian talks, told a crowd at the United Nations Security Council in July 2019 that the US no longer believes in the story of 'international reconciliation' on the Israeli-Palestinian issue and that Washington would no longer be the spokesperson for the two-state solution.

Under the name of the' solution of the century', the Zionist state of Israel accepts that an area outside the security barrier of Kudüs should be the capital of the unarmed and "controlled" state of Palestine, and the Islamic world's influence over Kudüs and Masjid Al-Aqsa should be completely eliminated.

If America loves Israel so much, let it give one of its own states to Israel

It is obvious that Jerusalem is not the capital of an independent Palestinian state, and that any plan can reveal nothing but stalemate and chaos. The right of the Palestinian people to determine their future is not Trump's and Netanyahu's, but and only the Palestinians'. The invading State of Israel, ignoring the seventy-year-old problem and proposing a solution under the name of a solution, will bring the issue to an inexorable point.

As a result, it is never possible to resolve the Palestinian question unilaterally and in accordance with the principle of "law of the superiors" rather than the principle of the rule of law, by holding power over not the right.

At this point, the Government of the Republic of Turkey should take the necessary action before the United Nations and under international law, rather than just condemnation and condemnation. And more importantly, the D-8 Organization, which is the main solution to all these problems, should work in accordance with the objectives of the organization and make efforts to achieve the D-60 goal as soon as possible.

We, as the Yeniden Refah Party, would like to express our vehemence against such a decision. Invading the state of Israel and areas occupied since the 1967 war the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem holy to Muslims in Kudüs, which is completely under Israeli sovereignty, we have strongly Zionist attempt to import the wire, and national opinion leaders, we are repeating the famous words of the late Erbakan;

"If America loves Israel so much, give Israel one of its own states"

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