Fatih ERBAKAN Responded to the Question '' Too Young ''

Refah Gündem - Yeniden Refah Party Chairman Fatih ERBAKAN Responds to the Question of '' Very Young ''

16:01:03 | 2019-12-21

Responding to the questions of Ahu Özyur in the Political Area program on TV100, Fatih ERBAKAN, Chairman of the Yeniden Refah Party, responded to the question Very Young People '.

Ahu Özyut''in everyone says, Do you have a team? Do they have staffs? Who is more down there? ' Fatih Erbakan responded as follows.


Experienced Men Made This Country.

'' We have very successful mayors in our team, we have successful deputies, successful ministers and of course at the same time very successful in the education life has been very successful, commercial life has come to certain points with their own opportunities, not with state facilities, government tenders, not with their own quotes with the provision of the sustenance of the country, the nation has benefited the nation and young people have prıl sparkling.

They say very young people; This country has a share in this situation, salt pepper, the economy, foreign policy is to make this way to start with those who are very clean young young people to set off. ''

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