Fatih Erbakan: Greece Should Apologise

The Chairman Of The Again Re-Welfare Party, Dr.Fatih Erbakan denounced Ioannis Lagos, a racist Greek lawmaker who ripped the Turkish flag at a meeting of the European Union Parliament, saying: "that dirty proxy should be banned from the European Union Parliament.

13:04:10 | 2020-02-02

The Chairman Of The Again Re-Welfare Party, Dr. Fatih ERBAKAN, again at the headquarters of the Again Welfare Party 01.02.2019 held and 2 days of provincial presidents meeting, made statements on the agenda.

In Turkey, close to 50 and more cities in the first degree earthquake zone emphasized that Fatih ERBAKAN, only 19 cities for the construction supervision application obligation was brought, he said.

He said there was discrimination among the provinces in the earthquake zone. Fatih ERBAKAN ;

"Building inspections are done only for commercial purposes, with the logic that friends can see in shopping. Earthquake risk areas are opening up to construction. They should definitely be called Stop. Our nation needs to be given a wide range of training on earthquake measures." quoth



Fatih ERBAKAN , President of the re-prosperity Party, said that US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu were trying to legitimise the occupation of Palestinewith a so-called peace plan dubbed the "deal of the century."

KUDÜS  is the capital of Israel and the Muslim presence in Palestine is wanted to be ended, the president said. Fatih ERBAKAN ;

"With the Plan, it will belong to Israel. Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa will be the headquarters of the Greater Israel they plan to establish. They will completely destroy the Masjid Al-Aqsa that they have captured and build the Temple of Solomon in its place. The century-old plan in question is a step towards Greater Israel, which they have dreamed of for 5 thousand years. The right to determine the future of the Palestinian people belongs not to Trump and Netanyahu, but to the Palestinians, and the right to have a say over Masjid Al-Aqsa belongs directly to the Islamic world."


The European Union must take care of its racist, spoiled and depraved children. Fatih ERBAKAN said, " that flag you tried to tear up and throw away is the Shroud of our martyrs. There is no way we can accept such a blatant attack. That nasty proxy should be barred from the European Union Parliament. The state of Greece should apologise to the Republic of Turkey and to our nation., "he said.


The chairman of the Again re-Welfare Party, Dr. On Sunday February 9 at 14.00, Fatih ERBAKAN invited all of our vataş to the "WE ARE WITH YOU KUDÜS" rally in order to support Palestine and Kudüs, which they will organize in Sakarya City Square.

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