Fatih Erbakan: China's goal is to erase Islam

Fatih Erbakan: China's goal is to erase Islam

20:57:08 | 2019-12-15

Dr. Yeniden Refah Party Chairman of the Communist State of China made assessments for the persecution of Uighur Turks in Eastern Turkestan. Fatih Erbakan pointed out that the pressure on Uighur Turks in Eastern Turkestan is increasing day by day and said “The goal of cruel China is to erase Islam from East Turkestan”.

Dr. FatihErbakan continued: “Our brothers and sisters are openly persecuted in front of the whole world and a systematic policy of assimilation is applied. The cruel Chinese government violates the human dignity of the Uighur Turks and undermines the dignity of the Muslim people. As a Muslim, we can never accept it. China's official policy towards Muslims aims to eradicate Islam and eliminate loyalty to Islam.

Whoever comes from the persecution should be our motto to be in the face, I would like to state that it is contrary to our history and belief before the state authorities. ”

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