Erbakan; We Will Make The Biggest Surprise On Election Day

Yeniden Refah Party Chairman Fatih ERBAKAN '' The Great Surprise We'll Make Election Day '' I hope he said

12:40:11 | 2019-12-22

Yeniden Refah Party Chairman Fatih ERBAKAN recently on the TV100 channel in the Political Area program Ahu Özyurt'un answering questions '' The Great Great Surprise Election Day Yapaçağız I hope, '' he said.

Yeniden Refah Party leader Fatih ERBAKAN continued his words as follows;

'' Our Prosperity Party, again in an environment where the president personally says that the new party will be ready to pay the price, the congress of such a congress clearly shows how much society is in search of all the newspapers, and despite all the media media pro-government media in the recent period now. It clearly shows that the party's votes are rapidly dissolving.

We held sixty provincial congresses, we held close to five hundred district congresses, and established seventy-eight provinces and close to seven districts. We have registered a hundred and a member of these conditions, as we say in a country, '' the president will pay the price of those who will profit from the new party, '' he said in an environment that people in this great quest, shows a great thirst.

We had a big surprise with our congress, I hope we will do the big surprise on the day of the election, we hope, "" he finished the words.

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