ERBAKAN Announces Roadmap in Politics

Refah Agenda - Yeniden Refah Party leader Fatih ERBAKAN again explained how to proceed in politics

15:23:48 | 2019-12-21

Responding to Ahu Özyur's questions in the Political Area program on the TV100 channel the previous day, Fatih ERBAKAN, the Chairman of the Re-Welfare Party, explained how to follow a path in politics.

The host of the program Ahu Özyurt'un 'How to spend the process until the election of Dr. Fatih ERBAKAN;

'' We do not have the support of the media until the election process we need to spend working in the field. The best way to do this again in the period of the Welfare Party, Milli Selamet Party period, our respected ERBAKAN teacher revealed. Starting from the ballot box to the headquarters, each organization will have four watchers, one of which will be an army of 5 people. he will invite 5 voters to a home conversation each week and he will go to his shop, he will convince five people from the list of five witnesses and win the Welfare Party again. '' said

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