Dr. Fatih ERBAKAN; Taxes from minimum wage will be reset

Yeniden Refah Party President Fatih Erbakan, the power to minimum taxes when they come to power, both the employer and the face of the employer will smile, he said. Erbakan, EYT'lileriler (retirees who wear the age) will resolve their grievances, he said.

19:56:38 | 2019-12-15

Yeniden REfah Party Polatlı district leader Dr. Fatih ERBAKAN, made statements on the agenda. Dr.Fatih ERBAKAN, who started his speech by emphasizing that they realized the biggest and most crowded congress of Turkish political history with 44.742 people on November 17,

"Congress joined the 50 thousand party of being young of 80 percent, again it is important to demonstrate that an alternative form for the Welfare Party in Turkey. Although more with the new establishment of our party with this congress, head wrestling, showed obvious that the party with the largest claim, which aspire to power In addition, the scene of great enthusiasm 1 Ordinary congress, more established party to deal with the party is not certain whether the time has been the most beautiful response to the media, "he said.


"Taxes from the minimum wage will be reset"

ERBAKAN, who criticized the government's minimum wage and civil servants, workers and pensions policies harshly, declared that fuel, natural gas and electricity prices would be reduced to reasonable levels if they came to power. "Officer-Worker-Retired 50% salary increase in our first year 'will do. We will reset the minimum wage taxes. Both the employer, the worker's face will laugh. All unfair taxes will be eliminated, the taxes to be taken to the lowest levels. those who meet) 's meeting the demands of the state as a citizen of our victims will not "he said.

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